The Bashmore Strikes Back: Heeeeere's Bashmore (wow that didnt work)

The Bashmore Strikes Back

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Heeeeere's Bashmore (wow that didnt work)


Yep, I might be no longer a student, and for that matter I may not be working, but the ex-student has managed to find a porn machine/computer (the one that is in my room will do), to spout more useless crap than a Warwick Law Student (trust me, they do sprout it bad ways). So for those who know do. For those who don't welcome stranger, please amuse yourself with this poor deluded fools rambling. And heed the following disclaimer: "unless its about music, take none of what i say seriously...if it is about music...listen up fool"

I cant be arsed to do the big introduction about me...but these people are not me: Jeez, no wonder the ol' lady looks scared...that is one grinning loon

So why not add your name, say hello, lemme know whose blogs are worth reading out there....until next time
Check Yourself Don't Wreck Yourself folks


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