The Bashmore Strikes Back: The Mercury Awards

The Bashmore Strikes Back

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Mercury Awards

As I sit here writing this, many of the 'hot' British bands (or those favoured by the NME at the minute...apart from KT 'too hip to spell it Katie' Turdsdull) are at a big poncey do in Cockerney-Land to decide whose gonna win this Mercury Award. And no doubt many industry bigwigs, trying to show how 'rock' they are, will be sitting there wearing their straight out the box converse trainers to show how ironic they are whilst trying to shove as much strange white powder up their noses as they can, and managing to make themselves look like reet tits. So while we wait, here's who I think stands out from the field, for me personally

Kaiser Chiefs - 'Employment'
In my opinion the makers of the third best of this year so far, and what a cracking album it is. Blur comparisons aside this is a downright great album, taking the best parts of Britpop mixing it with some catchy guitar riffage, and fusing it into an album that makes you want to compete with Ricky Kaiser in the jumping around like a loon stakes. This is Indie at its most accessible but none the worse for it. My bet on who will win

The Go! Team - 'Thunder, Lightning Strike'
This is the band I think should win this years prize, on the basis that this is one of the most original bands around at the moment. With dance music on its very very last legs...and there it goes...Indie has took over its space and sucked all the juiciest bits of dance out, with acts such as Mylo to VHS or Beta and Test Icicles making some ace sounds. But this is a cracking album. It's an album that makes you feel excited listening to it, mixing in hip hop with a smattering of electro and kick ass old school beats. If the Polyphonic Spree were to swap there robes and the maraccas(?) for the day glo stick and the beat box this is what you would be left, managing to be both retro and new at the some time.

Hard-Fi - 'Stars of CCTV'
The band I'm most surprised I like. This is Chav music thats not for the Chavs. Another album mixing a myriad of sounds. This is no run of the mill guitar based band. Its got r'n'b that Chav acts just cant do, its got a pretender to mouthpiece of the Chav's in Rich Archer, and its got ballads...on an f'ing chav album! This is genius music from an exciting band

Antony and the Johnsons - 'I Am A Bird Now'
A lot of people seem to have been allowed into the music industry lately thinking they can do the singer/songwriter thing, but are in actual fact, well bollocks (James *unt,that Powter bloke, fattie from Keane). This is how it should be done. He may look a bit odd but his album is one of the most no god dammit its THE most heartfelt album of this year. Your hairs stand up on your neck listening to him sing, with a voice scarily emotional and sounding like something from the early part of last century his album is well prett perfect. The fact that he has managed to get moody legend Lou Reed and the greatest solo singer of this generation (Rufus Wainwright) on the album shows how good he is, good god listen to this album.

- Apart from these there are plenty more up, Coldplays 'X & Y' is good and solid but nothing deserving of the Mercury. The Magic Numbers album is just too weak for me and the singles are the blatant stand outs, and Bloc Party...well 'Silent Alarm' has just had a rejuvination in my opinion after seeing them at Reading, but they just fall short of my top choices. So lets see who wins Knowing my luck theyll plump for that Dido wannabee (just 'cus you've got a guitar doesnt detract from the fact) KT Tunstall... I bloody hope not


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