The Bashmore Strikes Back: The Futureheads - Area

The Bashmore Strikes Back

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Futureheads - Area

Now I know you will be thinking that you thought you had heard the last of The Futureheads...seeing as we've all been hearing the album since July 2004...and then everyone else clambered onto the bandwagon when 'Hounds of Love' came out...but they're back already.
Thankfully it aint another release of the album being plundered in the way The Killers released nearly every decent song off 'Hot Fuss'...its a brand new song
Yup...they've decided to release a song which has been a live favourite for a while...Area
And its ace! It's good to see the lads moving on with their ideas, as with all their best songs they've got a very catchy riff...but this time there is more happening in the song a quick pace and the standard catchy group singing. This is now firmly my favourite song by The Futureheads because I love the fact it doesnt stick to one riff it keeps on changing...check it out, this song is great....and its in your area November 28th (the comedy)


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