The Bashmore Strikes Back: Juice Box

The Bashmore Strikes Back

Monday, October 10, 2005

Juice Box

OK, dodgy name aside the new Strokes single "Juice Box" is veeery interesting.
For a start the opening riff sounds something like a sped up version of the Peter Gunn Theme from Blues Brothers...but when the song kicks in it sounds very different to anything we've heard from The Strokes before. Parts of the song do sound completely different to anything that they have ever made...Julian's vocals sound completely disjointed with the song in parts, as if he's rat arsed again and singing his own song...but it works! Nikolai has decided (well in the song at least) do get a bit of personality and for the first time seems to have written an interesting bass line. Parts of the chorus do sound like The Strokes of old...but when its mixed in with the new sound it sounds fresh.
The single is out January but if you're nice and legal and pop over to the The Strokes website you can check out the song for go and wrap your lug holes round it


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