The Bashmore Strikes Back: Top 5 Of....

The Bashmore Strikes Back

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Top 5 Of....

Ryan Adams

In the start of an occasionanl series...this young upstart is going to pick the top 5 songs (according to his own deluded mind) of a particular artist.

First up is Alt. Country messiah Ryan Adams...made famous for his song New York, New York which came out not long after 9/11, he dabbled in rock last year with his albums "Rock n Roll" and "Love is Hell" parts I and II. However...and thankfully...he has returned to what he is best at, making some brilliant americana with his band The Cardinals with a series of albums all released this year...and here are my top 5 songs of his....

  1. "Easy Plateau" off Cold Roses: The song that turned me onto Ryan Adams properly. The song uses what sounds like the slidey guitar effect brilliantly, with the electric guitar swooning in and out of the song alonside the constant strum of the acoustic guitar; a brilliant introduction for anyone who wants to listen to Mr Adams
  2. "In My Time Of Need" off Heartbreaker: This is what I think is one of the 'slightest' of Ryan Adams' songs. It has such a heartfelt feel to it, with Ryan calling out for someone to comfort and look after him and be his companion. The sincerity in his voice is emphasised by the fact the he sings it so quietly and low that his voice keeps fading out during the song.
  3. "Sylvia Plaith" off Gold: The guitar is ditched here for piano and strings as Ryan wonders what it would be like if he had a woman like Sylvia Plaith. Reflecting on the good times he could have had drinking and smoking and being looked after a woman he'll never have
  4. "La Cienega Just Smiled" off Gold: This song has an interesting juxtaposition which matches the theme of this song. The constant strum of the acousting guitar throughout gives it some pace as he is trying to move on from this girl that he wants or needs to forget about, while at the same Ryan Adams sings it very slowly totally out of synch with the guitar as no matter how hard he tries he cant help but stop and think how good it was
  5. "Let It Ride" off Cold Roses: At times this sounds like one of his most countryfied songs yet one which has much more of an Indie feel to it. Its got the country cliches with the twangin electric guitar but somehow it doesnt feel country. Theirs an urgency to the song with him cramming in a lot of lyrics over the top of the song. As he sings: "I'm not ready to go" he's struggling to slow down and stop as the pace carries him on. And my personal favourite Ryan Adams song

"Tennessee's a brother to my sister Carolina where they're gonna bury me

And I ain't ready to go"


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